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Paperly is specially designed for researchers,
offering you the most effective way to read, review and think.

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A real sense of academic reader


Away from inefficient checking infomation operations, you'll get what you need at where you read

Note and review

Take notes in different papers and review them at a whole, able to return to the source

Statistics and inspiration

Automatically generated mind graph does a great favor for global thinking

Focused Reading

Help you stay focused to read, by preparing all things you need
  • WYSIWYG Citation what you see is what you get
    Check the citation at where you see it
  • Reference
    Glance over references in sidebar, able to be filterd by citation selecting
  • Mark
    Mark citations for later reading
  • Metadata
    Metadatas (doi, abstract, keyword, etc.) are provided by one click

Take notes, which can be reviewed

Give you the power to take full control of your understandings
  • Tag
    Add tags to any note, to orgnize them neatly
  • Paper Linking
    Link papers to any note, to build meshed understanding
  • Review
    Review notes by timeline, which can be turned back to their context

Scholar Mind Map

A graphic way to link your papers & notes & ideas!

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Paperly is specially designed for researchers,
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