1.What OS does Paperly support?

Paperly is a cross-platform application that supports Windows 7+ 64bit, macOS 10.11+ and Linux.

2. Will there be a mobile version?

No, at least this year.

Paperly aims to be a comprehensive tool for reading, note-taking and paper management. The mobile version is suitable for reading papers, but not friendly for taking notes.

There are already countless mobile PDF readers. However, Paperly prefers to be a complete, full-featured and productive academic paper software. This is why we focus on the desktop version and do not have the plan of mobile support this year.


1. Why can't I install Paperly through Mac Appstore?

The review of the macOS App Store often takes one week, which is what we cannot afford for providing our best new features to users.

Delivering Paperly with a standalone installer will be a more direct and rapid way.

2. Why is there an install warning in Win10?

Occasionally there is an install warning in win10, which claims that Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting.

It is a Microsoft common warning policy for new application and it does not mean Paperly is an evil app. We have already bought a window EV certificate to sign the app and this warning should never appear in the future.

We also have uploaded the installer to an online virus check website and it has passed through all of the detection of anti-virus engines. The test result is [link]

So you can just ignore the warning and install Paperly.


1. What is WYSIWYG Citation?

WYSIWYG Citation is the feature that you check the citation from where you see it, without needing to scroll down to the end of the document to look up the reference.

This will largely save your time when you come across some interesting or important citations.

2. How to import papers in Paperly?

Quite easy. There are two ways:

  • Drag the document into Paperly
  • Click `import paper` in the menu and select the document

3. Which file formats are supported?

Almost all academic papers are published and shared by PDF format. So paperly now only supports .pdf. The .doc and .docx are not supported right now.

4. What citation formats are supported for WYSIWYG Citation?

Paperly now supports standard APA, MLA ciations styles. Paperly has spent lots of time improving the compatibility of various citation formats. We internally tested tens of thousands of journals through our automated testing system, which shows Paperly has achieved 92% accuracy in our database.

We also have to admit that there must be some formats not included. We apologize for the missing parts and hope anyone could leave us feedback.

5. Can the mark list be exported to reference management tools like EndNote and etc.?

Yes. We are building this feature. By the time you can one-key export the marked reference list to reference management tools like EndNote and etc.

6. What is the source of Metadata?

Paperly relies on crossref, core, semantic scholar and altmetrics.

7. Can Paperly by the way provides the download link of references?

We would try our best to search the legal free download link of the PDF of the references. Yes. We are planning to integrate with Endnote, which is in developing right now.


1. Where are my notes stored?

Your notes are stored right on your computer.

2. Can I export my notes?

Absolutely you can. You can export your notes in the File menu by clicking Export.

3. What is Paper Linking?

Paper Linking is a feature that helps you link hypothesis, principle, methods or ideas to related papers in your library. This helps you build a network among your reading papers.

4. How can I create Paper Linking?

By typing # in the note block, the available linking option will be showed and you can select the one you want to link.

5. How can I review my notes?

All notes will be automatically organized to your Timeline. You can review notes without opening documents.


1. Can I share my notes/reading history with different devices?

Paperly doesn't own built-in syncing feature. You can sync your data by methods below:

  • Use the third-party cloud service. Paperly supports Google Drive, Dropbox and any other cloud service. All you need to do is to put your Paperly's Default.library into the sysn folder, and then load the folder on another computer.
  • Transfer your data to an USB device. In this way the data can be migrated to another computer.


1. Why should I buy a license?

Paperly relies on backend computing server for citation parsing which produces fees every month. A paid license can help Paperly stably run its service.

2. Is the licence valid for lifetime?

Yes. We are running a buyout license policy which means once you buy the license, you've got the product and all the coming updates.

3. How many devices can be activated by a single licence?

Two devices can be activated by a license.

4. What would happen if my computer was lost?

Once you try to activate the third device with your license, you will get a list of your activated devices. You can simply remove the lost device and then activate your current device.